Promises Kept

Every loan application we process is given the personal and professional attention it deserves. Our promise to you, our valued customer, is to identify and recommend the best loan products and programs for your unique situation, while helping you secure the best rates and terms available.

Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable mortgage professionals is committed to handling your loan application as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring the best possible outcome.

We are an equal housing lender

We believe homeownership should be accessible for everyone. The National Community Reinvestment Coalition named UHM as one of the best lenders for minority groups, women, and buyers with low-to-moderate incomes. We are an Equal Opportunity and Equal Housing Lender, which means we work hard to ensure loans are available on a fair and equal basis regardless of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, military status, disability, or ancestry.

Who we are

Our continued growth and success over the last 40 years didn’t happen by accident. In fact, we owe much of our long-term success to the vision and dedication of our President and CEO, Bill Cosgrove. With a mortgage banking career, spanning more than 26 years, Bill has been instrumental in building Union Home Mortgage Corp (UHM) into the premier mortgage banking company it is today. Union Home Mortgage is lead by experts in the mortgage industry and in their fields.


Bill Cosgrove

Union Home Mortgage CEO and Owner, MBA Chairman 2015


Al Blank

Senior Vice President - Business Development


Brian Coleman

Vice President - Business Administration


Mike Jones

National Sales Manager


Jim Ferriter

National Sales Manager


Jill Ross

Underwriting/Processing General Manager

Based on the belief housing in America has to be safe, sound and conducive to raise families, UHM's role is to provide financial support and responsible lending, allowing families to achieve their goal of homeownership. The second mission is to be a world-class workplace, hire great people with the desire to be great professionals.

Bill Cosgrove
CEO & President of Union Home Mortgage

Our Company Culture is Unrivaled in the Mortgage Industry

Cc Accountability


Everyday be engaged and passionate. Your fellow Partners are counting on you.

Cc Fun


Have fun but get it done on time.

Cc Commitment


Each Partner must be committed to growth, productivity, and execution. The foundation of all future success.

Cc Competitive


Competitive edge; sales training, coaching, and accountability for all Loan Officers and Partners.

Cc Research


Research before you react.

Cc Positivity


As a Partner, you are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive work environment with all Partners.

Cc Communication


Over-communicate with everyone; Customers, Realtors, Brokers, and fellow Partners.

Cc Raving Fans

Raving Fans

Everyday create Raving Fans of customers, Realtors, Brokers, and fellow Partners.

Cc Professionalism


Be professional and respect fellow Partners. Never have a verbal conflict with anyone over anything. If you do, all Partners lose.

Cc Promises Kept

Promises Kept

Everyday live by our slogan promises kept.