Customer Support

Union Home Mortgage extends a warm welcome to our new customers from the former NOIC Home Mortgage Lender, Concord Mortgage and Ownium companies!

If you have questions about setting up your loan account or experience any trouble, please review the FAQs below or call customer support at 800-441-3456.

1. I logged into the portal for the first time, and I am unable to make a payment. What should I do next? 

  • First, log out of your account, and then log back in. You may need to revalidate your credentials before you can make a payment online. If you're still experiencing trouble, call customer support at 800-441-3456.

2. I'm using the account number on my temporary coupon from closing, but the system says "Account Not Found." What's the issue here?

  • You must use the account number from your Welcome Letter and final coupons you received in your Welcome packet.
  • Your account number is 9 digits and begins with 3-4 zeros (i.e., 000012345). It includes no letters.
  • Didn't receive your Welcome Letter packet? Call 800-441-3456 and let us know as soon as possible. 

3. I'm using the account number from a letter I received, but the system is saying "Account Not Found." How can I find my account?

  • Remove the dash or any numbers after the dash (i.e., if your account number is 12345-6, use 12345). 
  • Unsure what your account number is? Call 800-441-3456 to look it up. 

4. I'm trying to make a payment online, but the website is telling me to contact my lender. 

  • Borrowers more than 30 days delinquent are not able to make payments online. Please contact the Home Retention Department at 800-441-3456 ext. 297. 

5. I have more than one account, but am unable to view both accounts under the same username. 

  • Email [email protected] with your username, your full name and the account numbers you'd like linked. This request can take 24-48 hours to process. Please note: You must be a borrower on each account to link with your username.

6. Is there a fee for returned checks on mortgage payments?

  • Yes. A $20 fee will be levied for returned checks.