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Union Home Mortgage Corp is always looking for ways to build our team! We are an equal opportunity housing lender and we believe equal opportunities should be given when hiring as well. We are proud of our strong culture and team of highly-motivated employees. Since our inception in 1970, UHM has established an outstanding reputation based on professional conduct and uncompromising integrity. We plan to continue our growth with your expertise.

Our main focus at UHM is living by our Code of Conduct. No matter how you begin your relationship with us, whether as an employee or client, our attitudes, values, and behavior remains consistent.

Our foundation would not be nearly as strong without our robust leadership. Starting from the top, with Bill Cosgrove our CEO and owner, all the way to our entry-level positions, everyone is treated equally, which truly embodies our open door policy. Our leaders foster a 100% inclusive and teamwork-oriented environment. They make sure that everyone is comfortable by encouraging over-communication and creating a consistently welcoming atmosphere.

Who You Are

As part of the Union Home Mortgage Corp team, we want to help you find your most fulfilling and successful career path. Our employees are constantly helping each other by expressing their visions and being themselves. Your vision is our vision. Help us help you. Contact our recruiting specialists today by emailing them at [email protected]

UHM is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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