Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Engagement

Here at Union Home Mortgage, it’s our belief everyone deserves the right to homeownership. Our company and our Partners, however, go one step further in making a commitment to serve the communities in which our customers live. Through charitable giving and volunteerism, we are doing what we can to help these communities continue to improve, thrive and truly become a home for those in them.


Our Partners don’t just work together at the office - we take time outside our 9-5 to help those in need. From donating our time to students at local schools to filling local food pantries, our Partners regularly participate in activities to help their communities.

Union Home Foundation Grantmaking

At Union Home Mortgage, we believe homeownership should be accessible for everyone. In 2015, Union Home Mortgage established the Union Home Foundation to help equip families in our local communities with the tools and resources to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Our organization helps communities improve their financial health through education, workforce development, financial literacy and transitional resources. The Union Home Foundation is proud to offer grants in the communities where our business resides to organizations addressing our four key factors in improving family financial health:

  • Financial Literacy: knowledge around personal finances, credit, budgeting, saving and mortgages are crucial tools in the journey to homeownership, yet often are overlooked in the average curriculum
  • Education: programs and institutions that provide access to low-income individuals to achieve continued education at all ages and gain experiential learning opportunities that will prepare them for future careers

  • Workforce Development: programs and tools to help prepare individuals with the skills necessary to join and thrive in the workforce for today's and tomorrow’s industries 
  • Transitional Resources: sometimes even when a family is diligent in building their financial health, “life” happens and sudden personal hardships, like devastating medical diagnosis, can get in the way of owning or maintaining a home

Take a minute to read our Union Home Foundation grant guidelines before starting your application

Corporate Sponsorships

Union Home Mortgage is happy to consider opportunities to be a part of your upcoming event/program. In order to allow us time to review your proposal, all applications must be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of your event.

Please note: it is UHM’s policy to contribute to activities, organizations and causes aligning with our corporate and/or foundation purpose or that support the involvement of UHM Partners (either at a board, advisory or volunteer level).  Or, if a team of over 10 UHM employees may be participating in the event. Organizations may only receive one sponsorship per year. 

Take a minute to read our Union Home Foundation sponsorship guidelines before starting your application